The ERM Solution for Manufacturing Businesses

ELSIE ERM Software helps you to manage your manufacturing business more effectively. At every stage of the workflow, from initial customer enquiry through to invoicing and delivery, ELSIE streamlines your operations, eliminates data duplication, increases staff efficiency and tracks KPIs to enable management to make informed business decisions.

ELSIE is a secure, web-based suite of customisable applications hosted on Microsoft Azure.

ELSIE Workflow


Capture a customer enquiry direct from email. Automatically capture customer contact details with validation of address and registered company details, and save attachments.


Support for proforma and account-based customers with integration to online card payment gateways and accounts systems.


Full fleet management and delivery scheduling functionality. Digital Delivery Notes with image capture and customer POD signature.


Fully automated quote generation based on Bill of Materials. Sophisticated rules for applying customer margin, discounts, transport options, and holding prices across different versions.


Intelligent order acceptance with validation of customer purchase order and credit checks. Accurate lead times based on factory data included in auto-generated acknowledgement.


Production scheduling based on target stock levels, customer demand and production line availability. Integrated supplier pipelines with auto-ordering components and supplies.

ELSIE ERM Software Components

Email AddIn

The ELSIE Email Addin is an add in for your web-based and desktop versions of Microsoft Outlook.

Open an incoming email and ELSIE will intelligently parse the message and suggest if the correspondence should be added to an existing job, or a new job should be created.

ELSIE will recognise and read message attachments if the body of the email doesn’t contain any contact details.

New customers can be created in ELSIE directly from email messages, with full address validation and company detail checks with Companies House.

If the right content is present in the email the user will never have to re-type customer details in to ELSIE, leading to more efficient processing of correspondence with fewer manual errors.

Operations App

The ELSIE Operations App manages the main part of the workflow.

Here you can manage customer and job details, create quotations from a bill of materials, generate and confirm orders, and schedule deliveries.

The workflow is driven by system-generated to-do list items (“Jaffa Jobs”). When a user logs in they can view their Jaffa Jobs and action them. New Jaffa Job notifications will pop up in real time when relevant activity happens elsewhere in the system which requires the users attention.

ELSIE functionality is grouped under different user roles and only certain roles have permission to view and change certain data.

All activities are fully audited and management roles can view “who changed what and when”.

Stock Manager App

The ELSIE Stock Manager App allows buyers and inventory managers to maintain stock details.

Set minimum stock levels and ELSIE Stock Manager will automatically raise a Purchase Order through your accounts system when stock runs low.

Stock Manager can also integrate with eCommerce platforms such as nopCommerce to give you a single central stock management tool which controls inventory in your online shop, production line and warehouse.

Digital Delivery Note

The ELSIE DDN is a digital delivery note app for tablets.

Eliminate pervious paper-based delivery notes from your supply chain and receive a secure Proof of Delivery back at base together with optional photos as soon as the customer has signed on the tablet.

ELSIE tracks the geolocation of the tablets (and thus the deliveries) providing real-time updates on a map with the option of sending SMS messages to customers with delivery notifications and ETAs.

B2B Portal

The Elsie B2B Portal allows affiliate business to view live stock levels and place drop-ship or trans-ship orders directly in to the ELSIE system.


Flexible dashboards can be created and customised to display live ELSIE KPIs.

ELSIE Integrations with Third Party Systems

Google Maps – Distance to jobs

Loqate – Address validation

Companies House – registered company details validation

Credit Safe – company credit check

Experian – Company credit checks

KioskBrowser – electronic delivery notes and vehicle tracking

Fleetmatics – Vehicle telematics

AutoCAD – Technical drawing / bill of materials import

Revit – Technical drawing / bill of materials import

Mamut – Employee details and images

Xero – Invoicing and accounts

MYOB – Invoicing and Accounts

Twilio – SMS messaging

Microsoft Exchange – Automated email processing

Panasonic Go Connect – Incoming telephone call notifications and logging

Stripe – online card payments

Custom system integrations built as required

ELSIE ERM was first released in 2016 and is constantly evolving with new features and funcitonality being added all the time.

If you would like to understand how ELSIE ERM could work for you please contact us to arrange a demo.